Shanghai Investing Summit

Cross-border Investing

8 May 2015

In an uncertain global economic and political context, investors are challenged to understand new opportunities and manage risk across national borders.  

In one of Asia’s most dynamic cities, the Shanghai Investing Summit — hosted by the University of Virginia’s Darden Graduate School of Business and Shanghai Jiao-Tong’s Antai College of Economics and Management’s top-ranked faculty — will draw upon today’s leading thinkers and business minds from around the globe to examine the latest trends and opportunities in cross-border investing and provide actionable investment strategies. Whether seeking to understand the implications of the full range of proposed global free-trade deals or individual countries’ free-trade zones, the landscape for global investment promises great opportunity for those who can identify it. 

Join the Darden and Antai for the Shanghai Investing Summit and keep pace with the changing landscape of global investing. 

Check this page for updates and save May 8 2015 on your calendar.   

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