Darden Center for Global Initiatives

Global Reach


Darden Alumni in China

Darden is active around the world through a rich network of alumni, partner organizations and universities.

International Alumni Network

Darden alumni span more than 90 countries around the globe as senior leaders including more than 1,300 CEOs/owners/founders/partners, 1,200 company senior vice presidents/vice presidents and 40 company presidents. Darden has alumni chapters in Brazil, Chile, Argentina, eight locations in Europe, Israel, India, Thailand, Russia, China, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, and other locations to help keep Darden alumni connected to each other after graduation. 

Each year Darden hosts a Global Leadership Forum held outside the United States for all Darden alumni. The forum focuses on networking, global business opportunities and engagement with current Darden students and faculty.

Global Advisory Council

The Dean’s Global Advisory Council is composed of Darden alumni who are senior executives with significant international experience representing globally strategic regions around the world. The mission of the Global Advisory Council is to help Darden deliver on the following goals: to build a critical mass of leaders, executives and managers within established, growing and emerging economies; to strengthen Darden’s influence on business and society worldwide; and to grow the recognition of the Darden brand in key regions of the world.

Partner Schools

Darden forms partnerships with other top business schools around the world to foster exchange opportunities, collaborative academic programs, faculty engagement and research, and other activities. Second Year Darden MBA students have the opportunity to spend a quarter or semester at one of the partner schools, and likewise, Darden hosts MBA and EMBA students from our partner schools.

For a full list of Darden’s partner schools, visit the MBA Exchange Programs website. 

International Partner Programs

Throughout the year, the Darden Center for Global Initiatives (DCGI) hosts International Partner Programs (IPPs) that bring students from partner institutions and educational leaders from around the world to Darden for a 1 - 2 week themed-based program with courses taught by Darden faculty. Participants get to experience the Darden case-based method in the classroom and be engaged in the larger Darden community. This creates a unique learning experience for participants to broaden their business aptitude and global perspective.  In the past, DCGI has hosted partners from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Nigeria, and Switzerland. 

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