Darden Center for Global Initiatives

The Darden Art Project (DART)

Embracing the World Beyond the Classroom

A joint effort launched by Darden Students, Staff and Faculty and sponsored by the Center for Global Initiatives.

Darden Art Project (DART).

About DART

The Darden Art Project (DART) is an initiative to highlight the global experiences, travel and homes of our community. We invite you to submit photographs that you have taken of places and people around the world and in the US. The photographs may be of landscapes, buildings, people and of course Darden student, staff, faculty and alumni.

Your photographs will be reviewed by the a selection committee composed of Darden students, staff and faculty. Selected photos will be printed, framed and hung in the Student Building Hallway and in Cafe 67.

We will unveil these photographs at a Gallery Opening in February 2014.

In 2014, these photographs will be auctioned at the Graduate Women in Business (GWIB) annual Gala to benefit the Charlottesville Shelter for Help in Emergency (SHE). The DART Project is expected to continue annually, and a new set of photographs will be solicited, selected and hung each winter.


For more DART information, contact:  

Abhishek Kumar, DART Student Co-Chair 

Ankit Virmani, DART STudent Co-Chair 


To submit your photographs:  

1.  Access the DART Photo submission form to upload your photos.

2. You can submit up to three photographs.

3. The deadline to submit your photos is Friday, 17 January 2014.  

4. If your photo is selected, you will be notified by early February 2014.  

Selection Process

The Selection Committee will review all photographs submitted by the submission deadline. The final photographs will be selected based on their composition, quality and ability to communicate Darden's global mission. We will notify the finalists and request additional information in order to include a small biography of the photographer next to their photograph. This biography will highlight each artists' experience and interest and connect the Darden community.  

Each winter, the Darden community may submit new photographs and new photographs will be selected to be hung. The previous year's photographs will be auctioned to benefit the Charlottesville Shelter for Help in Emergency.

Selection Committee  

The Selection Committee is a cross-organizational body from the student body, staff and faculty. This year's Selection Committee includes but is not limited to Abhishek Kumar D'14, Ankit Virmani D'14,  Chong Xu D'14, Roberson Oilveira D'15, Divya Pazhayannur D'15, Anant Sharma D'15, Kristen Pappas, Terry de Guzman, and Peter Rodriguez. The Selection Committee is supported by Darden's Facilities Department, led by Keith Crawford, and is collaborating with the Communication & Marketing Department.


The Darden Art Project was founded in the fall of 2008 by Chrissa Pagitsas, Class of 2009. The business world advances when business leaders draw upon their creativity to create new products, craft innovative strategies and solve business challenges. Motivated by this belief, Chrissa sought to highlight the creativity within the global Darden community by bringing artwork into our building. She wrote the business proposal for DART as her final paper for Alec Horniman's class "Leadership Learning Lab" in Quarter 1 2008. 

The Darden Art Project was launched in February 2009 and is expected to bring creativity to Darden for years to come.  

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