Darden Curry PLE

Darden/Curry PLE Approach

The Darden/Curry Partnership for Leaders in Education is distinguished by our focus on the systemic nature of leadership. We seek to:

  • Build systemic leadership capacity at the district and state levels that enable education delivery systems to establish necessary conditions
  • Develop more effective leadership practices at the school level that enable teachers to dramatically improve student outcomes
  • Ensure that leadership is seen as a primary lever to drive student outcomes in the field of education
  • Contribute research-based insight to education field that strengthens leadership systems

We believe change in the education sector is possible by: 

  • Providing district and school leaders with world-class leadership development and capacity building
  • Utilizing research to demonstrate impact and conducting and disseminating research related to the drivers of effective leadership systems
  • Helping our partners create cohesive and innovative leadership cultures
  • Building district capacity to create the right talent conditions for school transformation across four critical areas, or levers:
    1. Leadership
    2. Differentiated Support and Accountability
    3. Instructional Infrastructure
    4. Talent Management   

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