Darden Curry PLE

UVA School Turnaround Approach

With over 10 years of experience, we understand the type of system-wide change necessary fo sustainable change. Our three-year partnerships emphasize improving the school system’s conditions through four main levers of change:


Systems require the will and capacity to prioritize what is necessary to improve the lives of the children they serve and present a clear vision for the path ahead.

Differentiated Support and Accountability

System leaders must provide schools the capacity-building, support, accountability and flexibility needed to achieve urgent change. This support must be differentiated as no two schools are the same.

Talent Management

Creating the environment for success requires having the right people in place to carry out the work. We work with districts to enhance the selection of school leaders, the number of highly effective staff and the development of existing staff.

Instructional Infrastructure

A core component of our work involves data-driven instruction to create an evidence-based approach to better serve students and improve instruction. To support this, we work with system leaders to create and implement a cohesive assessment strategy, responsive data systems and a high quality curriculum.


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