Darden Curry PLE

Turnaround Program Goal

A powerful educational system that inspires teachers and students to achieve their full potential, starting in persistently underperforming schools, is possible.

Organizational change is a significant undertaking in any sector - but in the education sector with the lives and futures of children on the line, the challenge of changing the status quo is a task that demands a level of commitment, leadership, and focus like no other. The UVA School Turnaround Program is committed to demonstrating this change is not only possible, but sustainable.

Our goal is to empower system-level and school-level leaders to achieve dramatic improvement in a set of persistently underperforming schools. The lessons learned and successes achieved inform strategies for expanding and sustaining success across the school system. Our School Turnaround Program is rigorous because we never lose sight of the real impact leadership can have on the lives of students. 

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