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UVA School Turnaround Testimonials

"The program has helped us make strategic decisions that will make a real difference for kids."

Darwin Stiffler
District One Superintendent, Yuma, AZ

 "My team went back 'on fire' with a rebirth of insight and enthusiasm for the work."

Brad Smith
Superintendent, Ogden UT

"I know I'm a different leader today because of this program." 

Tonya Kales
2012-2013 Principal of theYear, Charlotte-Mecklenberg Schools, NC

"I've never felt success before, and now I know what it feels like." 

A Third Grader
Ogden, UT

 “Faculty at Darden use great case studies outside of education that make it easy to make powerful connections for the turnaround work we are doing in our schools. The opportunity to engage with our own state and with others from other states is great.”

Laura Purnell
Assistant Superintendent Region I, Cleveland Metropolitan School District, Cleveland, OH

“The University of Virginia School Turnaround Specialist training is a very intense, research-based program designed to prepare participants for the necessary task of identifying opportunities on their campus to raise student and staff expectations, strengthen existing structures, and in the process contribute to student advancement and excellence.”

Ruth S. Kyle
Turnaround Innovation Grant Consultant, Region X Texas

“I can sum up my experience with the Darden/Curry UVA Turnaround Program as simply sensational. It has provided the expectation, direction and educational proven that has led us to a greater good for our children and schools. I wish the program could be extended from the single fact that it has made a difference for our schools.”

Wayne Trottier, Jr.
Superintendent of Schools, Fort Totten, ND SD #30

“The focus of this program is on educating students and improving student performance, but they take it a step deeper. This program makes you look deep within yourself and touches the core of why you choose education as a career.”

Doug White
Principal, Caruthersville, MO

“Whenever I go back to my workplace, I can go back with my team energized to face the challenges with tools I can use immediately. The recognition of our work through the Turnaround Program prepares and re-energizes us to return with strong hearts on a recommitment to our moral purpose.” 

Cheryllyn M. Branche
Principal, Recovery School District, LA

“Phenomenal program that’s committed to prepare leaders (District, State, and building level) to achieve academic excellence for all children.”

Judith Jordan Campbell
Principal, Troost Elementary School, Kansas City, MO

“The University of Virginia School Turnaround Specialist Program is a bold and innovative initiative that will lead to success in our country’s educational programs.”

Jeri Claire Crowder
Principal, Hayti School District, Hayti, MO

“The University of Virginia Darden/Curry experience has been the best leadership development program I have had the privilege to attend in my 35 years in education.”  

Robert S. (Steve) Brown
Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Operations, Ector County ISD, Odessa, TX

“Dynamic – Intense – Engaging – Challenging. The people involved in this program, both individually and collectively are valuable assets to turning around our schools. They are helpful and willing to share their knowledge and enthusiasm to help make the future of our nation brighter through the success of educating our children.”

Sandra K. Hooker
Reading Specialist, Caruthersville Middle School, Caruthersville, MO

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