Executive Education

Financial Management

Skill Development

  • Become a Trusted Partner - Increase your organization influence by speaking finance and accounting language.
  • Understand Financial Reporting - Know the requirements for reporting, how to read financial reports, where to find the reports, how to find key data, the power of ratios, how to make benchmarking comparisons and how to develop strategy direction from the CEOs letter.
  • Know Cash Flow - Learn how to read cash flow statements, what the numbers mean and how cash influences decisions.
  • Master Cost Allocations - Understand how costs are allocated among business units, products and services.   What are typical models and how are they developed?  What are the flaws in the models?  How can the model be challenged and changed?
  • Understand Portfolios - Learn how to quickly and easily judge the performance of business units and make comparisons among business units.



Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers

This 4.5-day program enables non-financial managers to analyze and interpret commonly used financial reports in making business decisions... learn more


The Darden/SNL Executive Program in Bank Financial Leadership

This 4.5-day certificate program for bank finance executives develops strategy, leadership and enterprise financial management skills... learn more

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