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As a firm grows and becomes more globally focused, it can no longer only rely on a small group of leaders. Today, everyone must develop quality leadership talents to be successful in a more complex and competitive environment. Earning the Darden Certificate in Leadership will help you develop as a leader and provide your organization with the extraordinary guidance necessary to help meet sustainable growth and future success.

This certificate is awarded to executives upon completion of four Darden Executive Education programs in the Leadership and Change series. Programs must be completed within a four-year period. Certain approved leadership-specific custom programs may also apply.  

What is the Certificate in Leadership?

The Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia has over 50 years’ experience in delivering highly effective leadership development programs and has designed the Certificate in Leadership program to help individuals capitalize on the complex leadership challenges they face.

Through a variety of change and leadership courses, you can focus on studies that emphasize contemporary issues and include the crucial learning processes of observation, analysis, reflection and action, thereby affording you the opportunity to integrate your learning into your workplace.

All Darden courses are designed to increase different levels of managerial and leadership skills by exposing participants to a variety of real organizational experiences, practices, leadership styles and strategies. The major goal of this certificate program is to produce leaders who have the tools and conceptual knowledge to adapt and extend organizations in order to meet the rapid changes in economic, global and competitive environments.

Why Obtain the Certificate in Leadership?

You may have strong managerial capabilities, but to be truly effective within, and valuable to, your business, you must provide your firm with the exemplary direction and drive that lead to measurable results. You need to know how to increase and use power and influence, become an implementer of change and develop personally to become more valuable across the organization.

Through your selected Darden programs, you will attain insight into the key practices and core knowledge necessary for leading during turbulent times, and you will explore the leader’s role in communicating, setting direction, managing change, employing strategic thinking, coaching, mentoring and inspiring others to create competitive advantage. Following each program, you will return to the workplace with an invaluable toolkit that you can reference as you guide your organization to the next level!

2011 Certificate Brochure

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For consultation in designing your career development plan, send a request to Darden_Exed@darden.virginia.edu or contact Associate Director Rebecca Yancey at +1-434-243-5174.

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