Executive Education

Designing Your Program

Thoughtfully designed, our programs maximize the strategic acumen and leadership qualities of your most important asset — your people. Armed with directly applicable knowledge, relevant tools and new capabilities that match your organization’s goals, your executives are prepared to drive outcomes that can influence the organization for years to come.

The Darden team collaborates with you to facilitate the transformation your organization seeks — before, during and after the program. We’ve been helping global executives change the way they think and improve the way they lead for more than 50 years.

  1   Exploration: As a true partner, we strive to understand your organization’s culture, strategic imperatives, successes and challenges. We begin with exploratory meetings to determine business goals, learning objectives and desired outcomes.
  1   Proposal: From the information gained in our exploratory sessions, we prepare a preliminary proposal for your review.
  1   Agreement: We articulate the objectives in an agreement that establishes the project calendar and milestones.
  1   Faculty Team: Based on your needs and desired content areas, we select a faculty team.
  1   Preliminary Program Design: We meet with your organization's senior leaders, learning and development professionals and potential participants to learn firsthand about the context in which your team operates, gathering insights about your challenges and perspectives and gaining additional input about what will be most relevant.
  1   Final Program Design: We agree upon the finalized design for the first offering through an iterative process to ensure consistency, relevancy and impact. Our designs typically include a self-directed module preceding the residential and application modules.
  1   Program Delivery Launch: The Darden team delivers the self-directed, residential and application modules.
  1   Debrief and Next Steps: The Darden senior director and faculty leader meet with your organization's executive sponsor and learning professionals to review how well we achieved our objectives and establish a plan to make changes as needed to strengthen the program.
  1   Measuring Success: Together with your organization, we measure the results, outcomes and overall impact of the program.

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