Executive Education

Our Areas of Expertise

Darden Executive Education’s custom solutions develop the leadership potential of your people and stimulate business growth.

Our clients most often engage us in the following areas:

Design Thinking and Innovation

Fosters the ability to turn abstract ideas into practical applications for maximum business growth.

Organic Growth

Helps leaders ignite growth from within their organization.

Ethical Enterprise Management

Creates value for all stakeholders that an organization affects, in both a business and society context.


Inspires leaders to create their own practical, applicable model of transforming themselves, others and their organizations.


Employs effectuation, the logic used by expert entrepreneurs to affect and control future outcomes instead of predict them, allowing them to build goals on the fly and react creatively to contingencies.

Leveraging Differences

Turns diversity of thought into an opportunity for innovation.

Sales Management

Develops sales strategies to attract customers and cultivate relationships in ways that provide sustainable, long-term growth.

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