Executive Education

Assessments and Simulations

Experiential Exercises and Simulations


The “Learn. Do” approach, and implementation of experiential exercises in Darden programs, encourages individuals to think differently and lead innovatively, and it promotes consideration of diverse approaches to their business needs. Darden programs often integrate simulations, educational activities such as ropes courses, rowing, theater exercises, filming/viewing and live cases. These are all seamlessly integrated with the business case study to deliver transformational learning experiences.

Individual and Organizational Assessments


Your Darden program may include cohesively woven opportunities to elevate leadership styles and capabilities, improve influence and work relationships or address gaps, change and reset vision through various tests, role reviews, inventories and analyses. Some of these assessment tools include: Belbin Team Roles, FIRO-B, Interpersonal Style Inventory, The Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI), Locus of Control, McBer Learning Style Inventory, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and Social Network Analysis.

The meshing of various learning methodologies, coupled with our proven foundation of the business case method, ensures that you are given RELEVANT information that will keep you ENGAGED and help to ensure that you’re READY for whatever comes next, in any environment.

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