Executive Education

Executive Learning

As an executive learner, you seek development programs that will provide you with knowledge, tools and skills that you can immediately apply upon return to the office. Your organization, in supporting your development, expects that these tangible acquirements will be shared across different units within your organization, and used to help elevate the success of the enterprise.

All in all, the best measure of your executive learning experience occurs when you return to the workplace. This fact drives Darden’s approach in designing and delivering our world-class programs. Through a carefully selected combination of business case work, assessments and simulations, managers and executives are assured a learning experience that will challenge, shape and perhaps change the way they think, and the way they do business.

Darden anticipates and embraces changing trends in information technology. The School builds cutting-edge technology into every classroom and learning experience. Professors employ a wide array of technology-enhanced learning tools, such as interactive simulations, to engage you in real-world exercises. They also produce digital content to complement the curriculum, including multimedia case studies produced by Darden Media and published by Darden Business Publishing. The Darden Grounds include:

  • State-of-the-art Learning Team Rooms. Learning teams are a critical part of a Darden education. Teams meet to discuss case studies and collaborate on team projects in conference rooms equipped with wide-screen plasma screens, ergonomic seating, white boards and powered tables.
  • Conference Rooms. Our conference rooms feature advanced technology and comfortable furnishings that are ideal for small seminars, workshops and other gatherings.
  • Classrooms. Our theater-seating classrooms feature current audiovisual technology, wireless hook-ups and comfortable seating.
  • Video Facilities. Our fully equipped production studio and video-conferencing platform incorporate the latest in digital technology. Many programs integrate filming for feedback and coaching sessions.

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