Executive Education

The Case Method

Darden’s case method of learning provides one of the best ways for managers to develop into better business leaders. In each program, participants actively examine real-life business situations, utilizing their experiences and insights in new ways, while practicing their newly acquired skills and knowledge. Small group discussions and classroom debriefs ensure that each person benefits from the diversity of experience and differing perspectives of peer learners.

Engaging in the case method of learning means solving real-world business problems and positively nudges learners to think and act in new ways. Each person will read and prepare the case and move to make decisions as a business leader or collectively as a team. The case method encourages the development of views and requires recommendation and analysis to back up those views. Each professional comes to the session prepared to participate, articulate their views and defend any decisions they share.

Not only will you gain skills in the development of how you shape and address business issues, you will also gain value in the practice of presenting decisions and learn varying approaches from your classmates. You will return to work with a higher level of understanding about how to address key challenges, and you will be set to share this new learning with colleagues and help drive cultures of innovation, thought-sharing and solution-finding that fits your organization!

Review full note on “The Case Method: Getting the Most Out of Your Darden Executive Education Experience.”

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