Management Essentials for Developing Leaders

With increased responsibility comes the need for new skills and an expanded perspective of your organization. If you've entered or been promoted into a management-level role in the past several years, you may have gaps in your knowledge and experience that prevent you from fully embracing your new position. This "management boot camp" is designed to fill those gaps - in only six days of intense learning at a world-leading management education school. You'll be a better manager as a result, with a more seamless understanding of all areas of your organization and how they fit together.

Program Overview

Management Essentials for Developing Leaders equips new managers and technical experts with the essential management skills and strategic perspectives needed to succeed in today's business world. In one week, Darden's top-ranked faculty impart wisdom on core topics associated within the MBA degree, enabling participants to return to their organizations with a broad, solid base of fundamental knowledge, ideas and approaches to implement and share across their respective enterprises.

Specifically, participants:

  • Learn cross-functional skills in five key areas: strategy, marketing, operations, finance and leadership
  • Analyze complex business challenges through case discussions, simulations and workshop activities
  • Gain the tools and confidence needed to be at the forefront of today's business thinking


Primary Audience:

  • New managers with up to six years' experience who need to evolve their skills in all core business areas
  • Individuals recently promoted from contributing to management roles

Others Who Will Benefit: 

  • Professionals from engineering, consulting, IT and other technical backgrounds transferring to broader management roles
  • Anyone wanting to build fundamental business skills and expertise in the core topic areas (strategy, marketing, operations, finance and leadership) associated with the MBA degree


Elliott N. Weiss - Faculty Leader

Oliver Wight Professor in Business Administration
Faculty leader and developer of the Growing Great Managers course, Professor Weiss is an expert in operations and production management with extensive consulting experience for both manufacturing and service companies. He specializes in lean thinking and has presented and authored numerous articles and a book on this practice aimed at helping businesses reduce waste.

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Mary Margaret Frank

Associate Professor of Business Administration
A member of the Accounting faculty and the academic director for the Initiative for Business in Society (a Darden Center for Excellence), Professor Frank has been repeatedly recognized for her expertise in tax policy and tax education, as well as for her teaching. She has interest in public-private partnerships, health care topics and other areas as well. She previously worked as a senior tax consultant with Arthur Andersen & Co., as a CPA for the state of North Carolina, and in consulting for GE Capital. 

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Scott A. Snell

Professor of Business Administration
Professor Snell teaches leadership, developing organizational capability, and human capital consulting. Co-author of four books on management topics, including human resources management, he is a top-cited author in scholarly journals of management. For more than 20 years, he has been designing and leading custom courses in business, management and leadership for a variety of organizations, including branches of the U.S military.

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Thomas J. Steenburgh

John L. Colley Associate Professor
Tom is an expert in business-to-business marketing and sales, and his research analyzes the effectiveness of sales and marketing strategies. He has won the Wachovia Award for Research Excellence, and his case study on Hubspot is part of the HBS Premiere Case Collection. Before turning to academics, he held several positions in marketing and operations at the Xerox Corporation.

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Key Takeaways

  • You will blossom into a better manager through:
    • An expanded toolkit and greater confidence for leading in the contemporary business environment
    • Understanding of how all areas of business fit together/appreciation of other functions and their importance
    • A personal action plan - for applying classroom knowledge to current situations, and for continued learning and development
    • New abilities to tackle tough business challenges
    • Insights from the latest in business thinking
  • You will gain specific knowledge in five topics required for the modern manager's competency and capability kit:
    • Finance - increased capability to use financial data to assess and understand business performance impact; understanding of how financial decisions impact strategic efforts
    • Leadership - new abilities and strategies for leading a diverse team, leading through change and challenges, and delivering powerful messages
    • Marketing - understanding of various frameworks and concepts, including brand management and customer value
    • Operations - methods for helping your organization run smoothly and efficiently, ability to translate strategy into day-to-day activity, and understanding of the impact of operational decisions on strategic efforts
    • Strategy - understanding of the dynamics of strategy, its relation to every area of your business, and how it drives value
  • You will gain access to a lifelong, global network of business leaders and managers - including contacts obtained directly through this program and connection to the larger, tightknit Darden School community


  • Finance
    E.g., financial statements, financial data use best practices, cash flow drivers, using financial reports in decision making
  • Leadership
    E.g., leading through change/dynamics of change, developing presence, delivering influential messages, leading and working in teams, leading across diverse cultures
  • Marketing Strategy
    E.g., market and competition analysis, basic marketing metrics, marketing planning, customer behavior and loyalty, value delivery, marketing dynamics in a complex and ever-changing world
  • Operations
    E.g., performance assessment methods, improvement levers, lean thinking, translation of strategy to effective operations, impact on competitive advantage
  • Strategy
    E.g., strategic leadership, strategic vision, aligning organizational capabilities for sustainable competitive advantage, business models and their application, how strategy drives value, strategic mapping


Program activities include:

  • Case discussions
  • Simulations
  • Workshop activities and exercises
  • Opportunity for one-on-one interaction with and feedback from top-ranked faculty who are experts in management and other areas
  • Time for individual reflection/development of a personal action plan - so that knowledge learned is immediately related to individual roles, functions and companies


  • Day 1 kickoff reception and dinner
  • Daily sessions + lunch at the Darden School
  • Evenings spent in group discussion and/or individual preparation
  • Final day session + lunch

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  • Course Information

    7-12 June 2015

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    $6,750 covers materials, meals and accommodations at the Inn at Darden.

    New managers or function/technical specialists ready to build strategy, marketing, operations, finance and leadership skills

    Gain one week of credit toward a Certificate of Specialization.

    Darden School of Business
    Charlottesville, Virginia

    Additional Information:
    +1-434-924-3000 or contact the program director.