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Power and Leadership: Getting Below the Surface

Influential leaders can motivate their teams in ways that transcend bonuses. How do they do it? What does true, enduring influence look like? Power and Leadership: Getting Below the Surface helps answer these and other personally relevant questions — providing managers with actionable insights that apply broadly and immediately to their professional situations

Program Overview

Taught by an established expert, author and award-winning teacher of leadership and organizational change, the Darden Executive Education program Power and Leadership: Getting Below the Surface challenges participants to explore the differences between coercive, power-based leadership and deeper, longer-lasting "level three" leadership. The course will transform your view of leadership, improve your influence capabilities and elevate the caliber of your contributions in your personal and professional life.

Participants will engage in:

  • Deeply provocative discussions centering around a powerful leadership model
  • A half-day outdoor experiential learning exercise
  • A daylong simulation on managing change
  • The development of a personal charter model

About the Book:

The course uses Level Three Leadership: Getting Below the Surface, authored by the program's faculty leader, James G. Clawson. The book examines three levels of leadership, the highest of which is achieved when leaders do not merely influence employees' behavior and thinking, but also their values, assumptions, beliefs and expectations.


The Level Three Leadership Model includes:
Personal characteristics
Strategic thinking
Influencing others
Creating world-class teams
Creating inspiring organizational designs
Leading change


"Power and Leadership creates an open, trusting environment where you feel comfortable sharing and reflecting. It is introspective and provides a fresh take on leadership development."
Bill Williams
Manager, Financial Analysis
Capital One

"The Power and Leadership Program will change your traditional thoughts about what leadership is, and will give you techniques that you might not have heard of previously."
Toniya L. King

"This very valuable course shows you how to personally enhance your leadership skills, balance and energy in both personal and work life."
David Ferro
Chief Engineer and Engineering Director
EADS North America Inc.


Managers from any industry or sector who want to:

  • Ramp up their leadership skills
  • Build world-class teams
  • Become masters at leading change
  • Have a greater, longer-lasting influence
  • Get beyond attempts to pay for engagement
  • Learn how to increase buy-in
  • Become extraordinary executives

Participating Organizations:

Air Products & Chemicals Inc.
Ameriprise Financial
Back to School Clothing Drive
Boise Inc.
Canopy Partners Inc.
Capital One
Clorox Co.
Department of Defense
Department of Homeland Security
EADS North America Inc.
Eaton Corp.
EMPACT-Suicide Prevention Center
Freddie Mac
General Dynamics Corp.

Genworth Financial Corp.
Gilmore, Jasion & Mahler Ltd.
Greensboro Radiology
Harris Corporation
Hollister Inc.
Iron Mountain Records Management
Kribi Power Development Co.
LIG Insurance
Lundbeck Brasil Ltda
McGraw-Hill Cos.
Media General Inc.
Missile Defense Agency
National Credit Union Administration
National Pension Commission
Navy Federal Credit Union

Northrop Grumman
Nuclear Electric Insurance Ltd.
Pitney Bowes
Rappahannock Electric Co-op
Saudi Petrochemical Co.
Southeastern Medical Oncology Center
State Farm Insurance Cos.
TNK-BP Management
Transportation Security Administration
U.S. Army
U.S. Navy
Ventana Medical Systems
Waste Management



James Clawson

Johnson & Higgins Chair of Business Administration
A teacher of leadership and organizational behavior for more than three decades, Clawson is frequently cited by former students for delivering some of the most influential courses of their Darden careers and one Darden alumnus named a classroom in his honor.

Clawson formerly worked as a trainer for Mobil Oil Company in Japan and as an international banking officer for Wells Fargo Bank. He remains an active consultant for public and private organizations from a broad range of industries around the world. His numerous publications include the book upon which this course is based, Level Three Leadership, as well as Balancing Your Life: Executive Lessons for Work, Family and Self and Powered by Feel: How Individuals, Teams and Companies Excel.

Clawson holds a DBA from Harvard Business School, an MBA from Brigham Young University and a B.A. from Stanford University.

Faculty Bio Page


Kristin J. Behfar

Associate Professor of Business Administration
An award-winning teacher of organizational behavior, Behfar's research includes study of group processes and performance, conflict management, group decision making, multicultural teams and cross-cultural leadership, and she has consulted organizations on team and leadership effectiveness. Her work has appeared in numerous publications, and she is co-editor of the book Conflict in Teams: New Directions in Theory and Practice.

Prior to coming to Darden, Behfar was a post-doctoral fellow at the Kellogg School of Management and then a faculty member at the University of California, Irvine. She holds a Ph.D. in organizational behavior from Cornell University's Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management, as well as a Master of Science and Bachelor of Science from Boston University.

Faculty Bio Page


Key Takeaways

Through this program, you will become a more influential, purposeful manager with a heightened ability to lead change.

You will:

  • Grow your capability to influence others (face-to-face and lasting influence)
  • Master change management skills
  • Gain renewed energy to lead
  • Develop a new/higher view of leadership
  • Obtain guidance for managing work/life balance
  • Learn to create world-class teams
  • Learn techniques for building trust and buy-in
  • Develop deep-seated self-awareness
  • Clarify personal and professional goals


  • Why Managers Do What They Do
  • Balancing Your Life
  • Building and Leading World-Class Teams
  • Creating Your Personal Leadership Style
  • Developing Personal and Organizational Charters for Action
  • How Feelings Affect Performance
  • Leading in Crisis
  • Leading Strategic Change
  • Building Executive Lifestyles


Program activities include:

Classroom Portion

Case study discussions led by the faculty member who wrote the book that is the basis of the program

Half-Day Outdoor Team Exercise

(Falls River Ropes Course in Stanardsville, Virginia)
A fun and engaging activity in which participants travel to an 80-acre plot in the beautiful Virginia countryside, divide into teams of 10-12 and apply lessons to a series of problem-solving tasks. The activity reinforces classroom lessons, promotes team building and helps broaden personal boundaries. (See brochure for special instructions on proper attire and equipment for this activity.)

Full-Day Team Simulation on Managing Change

Allows participants to put into practice lessons on leading organizational change. Integrates challenges of change management, team-based decision making, customer focus and departmental silos. Example scenario: GlobalTech has hired you to save the company. Your team (6-8 people each) has limited time and resources to identify the issues, create a change plan that applies best practices, and implement this plan in the face of company-wide resistance.

Development of a Personal Charter Model

Allows participants to apply classroom lessons directly to themselves, their workgroups and their organizations.


  • Day one kickoff reception and dinner
  • Daily sessions and meals at the Darden School
  • Evenings spent in group discussion and/or individual preparation
  • Final day session and lunch

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    12-17 April 2015
    20-25 September 2015

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    Managers who want to build world-class teams and become extraordinary executives.

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