Executive Education

Marketing and Sales

Skill Development

  • Learn to Increase Market Share — Analyze the latest developments in marketing planning, targeting and positioning of consumer and business products and services. Detect competitor strengths and weaknesses to improve your organization's market position.
  • Master Brand Management — Develop an effective brand strategy by examining how firms profitably create and sustain customer value. Investigate competitive dynamics and build marketing strategy into the overall business strategy. Explore the marketing role in a fully integrated strategic marketing plan. Partner with collaborators to build go-to-market power. Understand marketing program development and implementation.
  • Master Marketing Metrics — Improve your decision-making processes by better linking marketing tools and techniques. Analyze and understand customer preferences and buying behavior.
  • Become Digital/Social Media Savvy — Identify shifts in the technological, regulatory and cultural context of business. Understand how and when to use social media strategies in your sales and marketing efforts, and the legal implications of them, relative to each social media choice.


Marketing Analytics

Strategic Marketing Analytics: Leveraging Big Data

A study of marketing data and what it means, this program guides participants in how to translate "big data" into organizational action. Participants will explore how state-of-the-art marketing analytics affect sales and profits and ensure continued improvement in processes.... learn more

Next Program Dates: 19-22 October 2015

Strategic Marketing Management

Strategic Marketing Management

This 4-day program provides a solid grounding in all areas of marketing — marketing strategy, brand management, marketing metrics and digital/social media — and includes hands-on metrics workshop and a marketing simulation... learn more

Next Program Dates: TBD

Strategic Sales Management

Strategic Sales Management

This intensive study of sales gives leaders the tools they need to develop comprehensive sales strategies. Participants will master concepts crucial to success in attracting customers and cultivating relationships with them in ways that provide sustainable, long-term growth... learn more

Next Program Dates: 20-23 April 2015 


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