Executive Education

Negotiation and Collaboration

Skill Development

  • Improve Business Outcomes — Develop core skills to assess a negotiation; develop a strategy and execute it to sustain a competitive advantage and create better outcomes; and develop sustainable relationships and more comfortable negotiating processes. Learn how successful business leaders integrate negotiating skills across every aspect of their daily functions.
  • Learn Negotiating Principles — Gain a thorough understanding of the components of effective negotiating, insights to create appropriate strategies — at and away from the table — to improve relationships and enhance effectiveness, and skills to analyze and structure negotiating situations.
  • Know Your Personal Negotiating and Collaboration Style — Gain a deeper appreciation of your personal negotiating style and how your effectiveness varies in different situations.




Negotiating Success: A Learning Laboratory

This program is an intensive learning laboratory of face-to- face negotiations to help executives increase influence, improve relationships and enhance effectiveness... learn more

Next Program Dates: 28 September - 2 October 2015


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