Executive Education

Strategy and Decision-Making

Skill Development

  • Think Strategically — Become more sophisticated in exercising strategic judgment for your team and organization, especially regarding global economic and competitive forces. Ask the right questions, use appropriate frameworks and jump from analysis paralysis to action.
  • Develop Decision-Making Processes — Integrate strategy, judgment and data for more effective decision-making. Mitigate risk, promote collaboration, avoid common decision traps, and work with —instead of struggle against — group dynamics and cognitive processes.


Strategic Decision-Making

Strategic Decision-Making

Make complex decisions by analyzing both the risk and value of available options and mapping out a plan of action.... learn more 

Next Program Dates: 7-10 April 2015

Strategic Thinking and Action

Strategic Thinking and Action

Shift to higher levels of thinking that overcome uncertainty, constant industry transformation, growth and profit pressures, new competitors and evolving business models.... learn more 

Next Program Dates: 23-27 March 2015


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