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Managing Change: Individual and Organizational

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Managing Change: Individual and Organizational
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Date October 23-25, 2012
(Registration deadline is September 12, 2012.)

$2,600. The fee includes all program materials and most meals. (No program fee reductions or special offers apply to the Darden/UVa-Wise Partnership programs.)

Location Southwest Virginia Technology Development Center
141 Highland Dr.
Lebanon, VA
+1 276.889.8180

Super 8
711 Townview Dr.
Bypass US 19 & Route 654
Lebanon, VA
+1 276.889.1800

The Program: Participants in Managing Change will initially focus on individuals in managerial roles who are trying to lead, manage and deal with the change process. The focus then shifts to groups and perspectives around the total organization. Throughout the program, emphasis is placed on the individual as both a manager and a model of change.

Who Should Attend: Managers and professionals seeking to improve their individual skills and abilities in adjusting to change in their work roles, organizations and overall lifestyles.


    Participants will return to their workplaces with:
    • A sharpened ability to manage personal change and change for others.
    • An enhanced capability to analyze, understand and manage change. 
    • Increased understanding of the individual psychological and social
      aspects of the change process. 
    • Recognition of the significance of principles and values in managing
      the change process. 
    • The knowledge to differentiate between proactive and reactive change,
      as well as innovation, creativity, and learning.

    • Discovery of the self-management dimensions of change.

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Alexander B. Horniman
Faculty Leader

"Excellent program; great blend of concepts, cases and discussion."
Edward J. Reynolds III
Organization Effectiveness Consultant
Eastman Chemical Company
Participant in Managing Change: Individual and Organizational 

"This course helped me to identify that change requires both internal and external perspective; I now have tools to be more effective."
Burke T. Vander Lind
Director, Compensation Systems
Alpha Natural Resources Inc.
Participant in Managing Change: Individual and Organizational

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