Navy Admirals Attend Darden Executive Education

Darden Executive Education faculty and staff are working with 33 officers in the U.S. Navy this month in the Navy Corporate Business Course (NCBC) for high potential captains and commanders.

The school also welcomed 11 active and retired Navy admirals who are visiting Darden and delivering briefings to officers during the two-week NCBC program.

The Navy in 2003 established the Executive Learning Office (ELO), which has developed executive learning programs to enhance the leadership capability of rising senior leaders. A critical component of that learning is understanding and applying best business practices to the Navy. The two primary programs are the NCBC and the Executive Business Course for newly appointed admirals.

Last year, the ELO asked Darden to become a university partner and to host an East Coast version of NCBC to complement the West Coast version taught at the Navy Post Graduate School in Monterey, CA. They were especially interested in Darden’s case-study method of teaching. This summer marks Darden’s first NCBC program.

The Navy’s new strategic direction is focused on readiness at best cost. It essentially marries effectiveness (readiness) with efficiency (best cost). Financial analysis acumen and transformational change are critical skills required under this new Enterprise Framework. The NCBC was created to help meet these goals. This two-week executive learning program is designed to enhance an officer’s understanding of:

• Navy Enterprise Framework – readiness at best cost
• Strategic and effects-based thinking
• Strategy development, communication and execution
• Strategy development – financial, human capital and information technology
• Performance management
• Enterprise perspective and collaborative skills

For 30 consecutive years, Darden has also conducted the four-week Navy Business Resources Management Program for mid-grade Navy officers and their civilian counterparts, mostly in the Supply Corps.

Darden is actively involved in delivering business education to military professionals. In upcoming MBA classes, the school has enrolled 40 active duty and former military officers, including 14 from the Navy. Through the years, 50 Navy Supply Corps Captains have attended The Executive Program, Darden’s four-week management program for rising executives.

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