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US Air ForceEnterprise Leadership Seminar (ELS)

Course Descriptions

This is an executive-level learning forum lasting six days for Air Force general and O-6 officers, Senior Executive Service (SES) and GS-15/PBM civilians and Chief Master Sergeants inbound to strategic Pentagon assignments. The course objectives are for the participants to:

  • Better understand “business” skills in the context of current Air Force issues and the Washington AOR perspective.
  • Discuss current Air Force issues.
  • Expand their networks of Air Force leaders.
  • Improve their proficiencies in Air Force competencies — Enterprise Perspective, Managing Organizations and Resources and Strategic Thinking.
  • Study relevant topics — Strategic Sourcing, Decision Making, Financial and Risk Management, Ethics, Strategic Human Resource Management, Negotiation and Collaboration Across Organizations and Leading Change.

As a result of attending these courses, participants will be able to use data and sound business approaches to make compelling arguments; to tell a strategic story that resonates with Washington Area of Responsibility (AOR) priorities; and to collaborate effectively across joint, interagency and international spectrums. Learning is sequenced into three phases:

  • Understand the context and fiscal realities of DoD and Air Force challenges and priorities.
  • Build relevant skills and competencies.
  • Apply the learning to a major current Air Force issue.

The seminar content is directly aligned with Air Force  2010 leadership priorities to reinvigorate the Air Force Nuclear Enterprise; partner with the joint and coalition team to win today’s fight; develop and care for Airmen and their families; modernize our air and space inventories, organizations and training; and recapture acquisition excellence.


Air Force general and O-6 officers, SES and GS-15/PBM civilians and Chief Master Sergeants inbound to strategic Pentagon assignments in the Washington AOR attend the seminar.

Points of Contact

Patricia F. McGill, PhD

Jeffery Pottinger

Jennifer Hicks

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