Executive Education

TEP: The Experience




"We at Darden believe that how you learn is as important as what you learn."


-S. Venkataraman ("Venkat"), TEP faculty leader, MasterCard Professor of Business Administration and Senior Associate Dean for Faculty and Research 


TEP offers senior leaders a powerful, holistic experience through which you will gain new knowledge and skills, fine-tune your strengths, challenge your way of thinking and prepare to lead an organization in today's complex, global world.

Distinguishing Features of the TEP Experience

Solve Real-World Challenges

We believe the best training for a business leader is to put you in a decision-making role. Using case studies and simulations, you will - with the help of your learning team, a small group of executives with whom you will study - analyze real-life business situations and will become a better leader by asking the right questions, thinking strategically and offering solutions.

Build on Concepts Through Enrichment Experiences

The program offers experiences based on your interests that build on concepts covered in the formal curriculum. Offerings may include a team-building canoe trip on the James River, an excursion to Monticello, the home of U.S. President Thomas Jefferson, to see the origins of the U.S. government; or workshops on boards, design thinking, financial management and entrepreneurial thinking and action.

Frame Your Business Issues for Others: The Back Home Challenge

TEP's "payback" to your organization starts during the program. Through the 'Back Home Challenge,' you will identify a leadership or strategic management challenge you face in your current position. You will work with your professors and classmates to create action plans and return to your job with fresh ideas, information and approaches that you can deploy immediately.

The Wellness ProgramWellnessProgram

Wellness is an important part of the executive whole. You will take a course on cognitive fitness and will receive a Wellsource® Personal Wellness Profile. The program offers a variety of fitness sessions.

Three-Day Guest Program

Invite a guest to join you for three days of TEP to learn about the cases you are studying, to participate in fitness sessions and to become better equipped to support your personal and professional growth journey.

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