Professional Advancement Course

The Professional Advancement Course (PAC) in the EMBA curriculum is designed to help executive MBAs adopt new behaviors and reach their potential as managers and leaders. There are two components:

Executive Leadership Coaching

As part of the "Leadership Practicum" component of PAC, you will identify and overcome a leadership challenge you are currently facing in your workplace. Learn more about Darden's executive leadership coaching.

Career Advancement

Designed to help you take charge of your career, the "Career Advancement" component of PAC supports you in engaging in new behaviors which proactively advance your career and the careers of the employees you manage — today or in the future. You will:

  • explore why some careers continually rise, while others plateau or peak and then decline.
  • learn a set of principles which guide career decision-making, for you and your employees.
  • establish your post-MBA career goals and develop strategies and tactics for achieving them.

In the beginning of the course, you will identify a post-MBA career goal. Your goal may be to expand your scope of responsibilities, get promoted or start a business. You will study common career challenges that may serve as obstacles in reaching your goal and will come up with ideas on how to overcome them. When studying these challenges, the faculty recognize that you may be managing people who face similar issues and, as a result, discussions will offer ways to support you in helping your subordinates overcome these challenges.

The "Career Advancement" component of PAC is designed to help you fully leverage the Darden MBA within your current company. If you seek the requisite knowledge and skills to move from one company to another (in a similar or different role), you may enroll in the optional (not-for-credit) seminar titled Job Search Launch. Visit Career Transition Resources for more information.

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