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Career Profile: John Hibbs

John Hibbs

John Hibbs

Darden MBA for Executives
Class of 2011

What position did you hold prior to starting the Darden MBA for Executives?

U.S. Navy Commander in the Information Warfare Community. My last position was Operations Officer at Navy Cyber Defense Operations Command.

What position did you move to either during or after the program?

Chief Information Security Officer at GE Capital

What Darden career services did you utilize and how did they help you?

I utilized the whole panoply of career services. Career Services personnel in the form of Connie Dunlop spent literally hundreds of hours with me by conducting coaching sessions, working with me on the Job Launch Seminar, specific networking tutorials, and helping me write my resume. This was incredibly valuable in preparing me from both a mindset and tool perspective. I truly feel that Connie and Darden Career Services were the sine qua non in achieving my current position.

How did the Darden EMBA help prepare you for your new position?

The Darden curriculum and case method provided an opportunity for me to think deeply about business topics, leverage over 500 years of senior executive experience in the form of my classmates, and learn how to lead a profit-making enterprise.

Throughout my transition period, I tapped the larger Darden network and was amazed at how much assistance I received. I was able to connect with numerous Fortune 500 CEOs and generated multiple opportunities that never would have been possible without the Darden MBA.

The Darden MBA has an incredible amount of respect and cache in the business world. When I showed up for an interview with a Darden MBA, any questions about my ability to function within the financial services industry were immediately answered.

As I have continued to progress in my new position, I realize that Darden gave me both an understanding of business lexicon and the skills to have a successful private sector career.

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