MBA for Executives

Enterprise Perspective

Most business challenges involve several functional units within a company. They cross the value chain and often span the globe. Darden’s MBA for Executives curriculum is designed to help you develop an enterprise perspective — to help you lead, act and communicate with an understanding of how all areas of an enterprise interrelate.

To develop a broadened perspective, class conversations are often guided by more than one professor. The discussions illustrate how points of view between disciplines may interact and even conflict. This big-picture thinking is one reason Financial Times named Darden the #1 business school in the world in general management.

Videos: Developing the Enterprise Perspective

EMBA and the CEO Perspective

Hunter Trumbo, EMBA Class of 2012, talks about how Darden's emphasis on the CEO's enterprise perspective helped make him a more effective manager and leader.


Why Experienced Managers Should Consider a Darden EMBA 

In the following video, Professor Paul Simko talks about the benefits experienced managers receive by getting an MBA through Darden's EMBA or GEMBA programs.

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