MBA for Executives

EMBA Sponsorship Overview for Sponsors

A Company Advantage

Company sponsorship in the Darden MBA for Executives is a win-win for the student and the organization he or she serves. Darden EMBA sponsorship provides:

Immediate and Lasting ROI

When your company sponsors a Darden student, you can expect concrete benefits that start early, permeate your organization and endure well beyond the length of the program.

Beginning with the very first class, the Darden EMBA program’s case method, top-ranked faculty and high-caliber students combine to offer your employee and your organization unique advantages. In Darden’s challenging and close-knit learning community, your employee is given access to the talents and perspectives of approximately 50 – 60 classmates — experienced managers from a broad spectrum of industries — as well as the insights and expertise of Darden professors.

Each time your Darden student returns from class, he or she brings new knowledge, techniques and skills that can be applied on the job. Your employee learns new ways to think, decide and act. Consistently, we hear from our students and their employers that over the course of the EMBA program, the Darden student’s perspective noticeably broadens and their decision making moves toward outcomes that cut across functional silos and provide maximum benefit for the enterprise as a whole.

An EMBA Schedule with Minimal Work Interruption

As a sponsor you may be concerned with the time away from a work that an executive MBA program requires. The Darden EMBA’s innovative format minimizes the number of trips away from work and home (approximately once per month) yet delivers the same rigor and relevance as our full-time MBA program.

Frequently Asked Questions about EMBA Sponsorship

What is required from a sponsor?

A sponsoring employer must provide a letter of support recognizing that the student will be allowed to take time off from work to attend all residencies. Financial sponsorship is not required, but should be indicated in the same letter if applicable. See Sponsorship Requirements for a complete overview. 

Is full financial support required?

No — full financial support is not required of a sponsoring organization, and the level of financial support does not influence the Admissions Committee’s evaluation of an application. The majority of Darden EMBA students receive some level of financial support from their employers. Sponsoring a student financially sends a strong message to your employee that you are invested in his or her professional growth in your organization. Support at any level is valued by students. Some organizations cover tuition only, while others contribute a fixed amount. In some cases, students work out an agreement with their companies to consider financial sponsorship as part of a total compensation package.

How much time away from work is required?

On average, EMBA students will attend one residency (Thursday through Saturday) per month, as well as four one-week leadership residencies spread throughout the 21-month program. When they are not in residency, students have approximately 15-20 hours of coursework per week to do in the evenings and on weekends. Whether or not you consider time away from work for the Darden EMBA program as vacation is something that you should discuss with your employee and negotiate terms that make sense for your organization.

Why should I send an employee to Darden when there are other MBA programs that are closer and/or less expensive?

There are many MBA and executive MBA program offerings around the world. From a sponsor’s point-of-view, the Darden School of Business MBA for Executives program stands out for a few key reasons:

  • Students are taught by the #1 ranked business school faculty (The Princeton Review and Financial Times), leaders in business education and research who continue to consult in the private and public domain. Our EMBA students find that the professors are excited to teach and engage with them; they are highly accessible.
  • Students study through the Darden case method which emphasizes practical and applicable learning on how multiple aspects of a business impact one another. Combined with Darden’s integrated general management curriculum this leads to the development of the enterprise perspective and gives you a manager who sees and responds to the big picture.
  • Students are only away from the office on average once per month, rather than two or more times as required by many other executive MBA programs. 

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