MBA for Executives

Sponsorship Story: Northrop Grumman

Stephen-PavlickSteve Pavlick

Director, Government Affairs 
Northrop Grumman
Darden MBA for Executives Class of 2012

Why did you decide to get an MBA at this stage of your career?

I felt that I needed an MBA in order to advance to the next stage in my career. I also knew that both personally and professionally it would only become increasingly difficult to get my MBA as demands on my time would only increase.

How did you go about getting company support for the EMBA program?

I was very fortunate in that my boss at Northrop Grumman is extremely supportive of my furthering my education. She recognized the opportunity I had to attend one of the best business schools in the country and that our group would benefit from my receiving an MBA.

How did you apply what you’ve learned directly to your job during the program?

As a lobbyist I was initially concerned that some of the required classes would not help me in my job, but I’ve found that all have benefited me in my career. For example, I have used lessons learned from studying fixed costs in my accounting course to explain how changes in quantity directly impacts changes in price in my conversations on Capitol Hill. 

How has the Darden MBA for Executives helped advance your career?

Pursuing the Darden MBA for Executives has had material impact on my career. My employer recognizes the value of the skill set I am acquiring, my compensation has increased, and I am continually able to differentiate myself from others seeking competitive opportunities.

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