MBA for Executives

Executive MBA Profile: Shonyel Lyons

Shonyel Lyons

Business Operations Director
Freddie Mac

MBA for Executives
Class of 2011

Why an  MBA and Why Now?

I decided to get an MBA because I am at a transitional period in my career. I realized through discussions with mentors that there were skills that I should develop in order to make a transition from manager to an executive position, and at this point in my career, it seemed like the appropriate time to pursue an MBA. 

Why the Executive MBA Program at Darden?

…The sense of community, the reputation that Darden holds, the professors’  passion and commitment for the work that they do  were definite reasons why I chose Darden over other programs that I visited.

… I chose Darden was because I found passion in talking to the professors at open houses.  I met students who were going through the Executive MBA Program.  There was a sense of community that I got when speaking to the students that made me feel like it was a place where I’d be welcomed, a place where I could attain the MBA that I was looking for.   

The Darden Faculty’s Commitment to Executive MBA Students 

What I’m witnessing in the program is exactly what was demonstrated  in the networking session that I attended.  I have witnessed the sense of commitment from the professors.  They are taking our program extremely seriously, taking our education, what we’re gaining from this program, extremely seriously.   Whether it be the ability to make phone calls to ask them questions, their availability while we’re on grounds, or their availability via email,they are definitely doing their part to ensure that we’re grasping the concepts that we’re supposed to be getting. 

A Stong Executive MBA Class Network Forms Quickly

Darden has brought together 57 very unique individuals, and when you get fifty-seven people in the room, you don’t know what to expect from the dynamics.  And how closely, or how quickly, the fifty-seven individuals have gelled and become a network was surprising to me.

I believe that it started to happen over the first leadership residency. And being able to build a network so quickly and being able to rely on the individuals in the program– forming a team ultimately–  so quickly, was a surprise.  A very pleasant surprise, but a surprise nonetheless.

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