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Watch Darden Events Live

Darden is pleased to offer live streaming video of the 8 November 2011 Current Events Panel Discussion, as well as various other events throughout the year. Please refer to the instructions below to access the live stream.

U.Va. IPTV - Darden Channel

Watch Darden events on Channel 33 of the University of Virginia's IPTV station. Please note that, once you have clicked the link, your brower may request you accept a certificate. This allows the player to display within its own window.

If the link provided does not bring up the IPTV Station player, please follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the U.Va. Station page:
  • Click the "Play" button in the middle of the screen.
    IPTV Play Button
  • After the onGuide launches, double-click on "033 Darden" within the Live Channels list.
  • Click "Watch TV" in the upper right corner.

    TV Player
  • Click Alt+Enter on your keyboard to play the video in full-screen mode.

Ustream Live

Watch the live stream on your computer from Darden's Ustream channel.

FacebookYou can also watch our Ustream video live through our Facebook page! Navigate to the UStream tab directly or become a fan to view video and receive updates of future live-stream events.

Watch Via Mobile Device

Darden's Ustream channel is available on a wide variety of mobile devices via the Ustream application.

Ustream AppYou can download the Ustream app through iTunes or the Android Market to the device of your choice.

Open the application and search for "DardenMBA." Once on the DardenMBA channel, your device should play the live-streaming video.

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