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Anton S. Ovchinnikov

Anton S. Ovchinnikov, Adjunct Associate Professor of Business Administration

  • PhD, University of Toronto (Canada); BEcon., Krasnoyarsk State University (Russia)
Office: FOB 112
Phone: +1-434-982-2597
E-mail: AOvchinnikov@darden.virginia.edu

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Anton Ovchinnikov is an expert in the areas of management science, decision analysis and operations management. His research interests include, on the theoretical side, behavioral operations, revenue management, environmental sustainability and multiple criteria decision making. On the applied side, he studies data-driven applications in business, government and nonprofit sectors. His work has been published in the leading academic journals; his case studies won the 2005 and 2011 Case Competitions held by the Institute of Operations Research and Management Sciences (INFORMS); and one of his papers was recognized as the finalist of the INFORMS 2009 Junior Faculty Best Paper Competition.

Prior to joining Darden, he taught management science and supply chain management at the master's and executive levels at the University of Toronto’s Joseph L. Rotman School of Management and received multiple teaching awards there. He holds a PhD in operations management from the University of Toronto. Before starting his academic career, he worked in Germany, the Netherlands and Russia in the area of commercializing high-tech developments and co-owned a business in industrial and architectural design.



Under Review/Revision:

  • "Economic and Environmental Assessment of Remanufacturing Strategies for Product+Service Firms" with Vered Blass and Gal Raz. Under review in Production and Operations Management  
  • "How to Compete Against a Behavioral Newsvendor" with Brent Moritz, and Bernie Quigora.Under revision (R1, Major revision) for Production and Operations Management
  • "Coordinating Pricing and Supply of Public Interest Goods Using Government Rebates and Subsidies" with Gal Raz. Under review in IEEE
  • "The Impact of Inventory Risk on Market Prices" with Gal Raz. Under revision
  • "Strategic Consumers, Myopic Retailers" with Mirko Kremer and Benny Mantin. Under revision (R1, Major revision) for Manufacturing and Services Operations Management
  • "Remanufacturing Strategies for OEMS without Remanufacturing Capabilities" with Yu Xiong and Yu Zhou. Under review in Manufacturing and Services Operations Management


Decision Analysis
Management Science
Behavioral Operations
Revenue Management
Environmental Sustainability
Multiple Criteria Decision Making
Probability and Statistics

Global Expertise: Russia and Post-Soviet Countries: Business, Culture, Political System and Society

Executive Education Courses

Strategic Decision Making
Faculty Leader Roles with Clients in Emerging Markets

Current Research

  • "Competitive Industry's Response to Environmental Tax Incentives for Green Technology Adoption" with Dmitry Krass
  • "Economic and Environmental Assessment of Remanufacturing in Competitive Settings" with Gal Raz and Vered Blass
  • Behavioral Anomalies in Consumer Wait-or-Buy Decisions and Their Implications for Markdown Management" with Nikolay Osadchiy and Manel Baucells
  • Strategic Consumers, Revenue Management and the Design of Loyalty Programs" with So Yeon Chun

Teaching Materials


  • “Timeshare Exchange Fair”, with Scott Sampson and Dmitry Krass, UVA-QA-0709, 0710 [Winner of the INFORMS 2005 Case Competition]
  • “Crawford Development Co. and Southeast Bank of Texas”, with Elena Loutskina, UVA-QA-0727
  • “c-Energy’s Red Hill plant: Meeting the SO2 challenge” UVA-QA-0726
  • "Flora (A) and (B)", with Sam Bodily, UVA-QA-0754, 0755 [Winner of the INFORMS 2011 Case Competition]
  • "Bloomex.ca Logistics Optimization", with Sam Bodily, UVA-QA-0760
  • "R&D Project Selection at NorthBancTec", UVA-QA-0762
  • "The IQ Experiment", with Phil Pfeifer, UVA-QA-0770
  • "Nils Baker", with Phil Pfeifer, UVA-QA-0793
  • "Wells Fargo: Solar Energy for Los Angeles Branches (A) and (B)", with Anastasiya Hvaleva, UVA-QA-0800, UVA-QA-0801
  • Predicting Customer Churn at QWE, UVA-QA-0806
  • Global Warming Revisited (A) and (B), UVA-QA-0808


Technical notes:

  • "Modeling Discrete Choice: Categorical Dependent Variables, Logistic Regression and Maximum Likelihood Estimation", UVA-QA-0779
  • "Spreadsheet Modeling Exercises", with Phil Pfeifer, UVA-QA-0775
  • "Using Binary Variables to Represent Logical Conditions in Optimization Models", UVA-QA-0786


"Wait-or-buy" simulation

"Opera House" simulations

Online tutorials:

"Steps in building a Crystal Ball decision model"

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