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George E.L. Barbee

George E.L. Barbee, Senior Lecturer in Business Administration; Batten Fellow

  • AB, Brown University; MBA, University of Virginia
Office: FOB 116
Phone: +1-434-924-4722
E-mail: BarbeeG@darden.virginia.edu

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Innovative Marketing of Service

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Strategic Sales Management


Lecturer in Business Administration George E.L. Barbee teaches the Second Year elective "Innovative Marketing of Services." He has more than 30 years' experience in the consumer goods and financial services industries. His experience includes strategic implementation and senior management executive positions for several Fortune 500 companies, many years as a successful entrepreneur and PricewaterhouseCoopers management oversight of over 40 complex global projects across four continents.

Barbee has served for the Darden School in numerous capacities. As a Batten Fellow, his efforts focused on addressing issues central to innovation and value creation. In addition, Barbee has served as chair of the Darden Alumni Council and as Alumni Representative on the Darden School Foundation Board of Trustees.


Innovating with Customers
Marketing of Services
Global Entrepreneurship
Optimizing Innovation and Stakeholder Interests