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Joseph W. Harder

Joseph W. Harder, Adjunct Associate Professor

  • BS, Bethel College; MBA, Santa Clara University; PhD, Stanford University
Office: FOB 298-D
Phone: +1-434-924-4801
E-mail: HarderJ@virginia.edu

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Associate Professor of Business Administration Joseph W. Harder teaches in the Organizational Behavior area at the Darden School. His research interests include distributive and procedural justice in organizations, the effects of perceived injustice on individual performance, determinants of individual and organizational performance, pay-for-performance systems and perceptions and effects of leadership.

Harder has taught executive education in the United States, Asia, Europe and Central and South America.

Before joining the Darden faculty in 1998, Harder was associate director of the Leadership Program and assistant professor of management at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He has also taught at Santa Clara University.


Organizational Change 
Reward Systems