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Andrea Larson

Andrea Larson, Associate Professor of Business Administration

  • PhD, Harvard University
Office: FOB 133
Phone: +1-434-989-7039 (cell)
E-mail: larsona@darden.virginia.edu


Associate Professor of Business Administration Andrea Larson teaches in the MBA program and Executive Education in the areas of entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainable business. Sustainable business strategies integrate economic, social and environmental performance considerations into product design, operations and supply chain management. Building on earlier research in entrepreneurship, alliances and network structures, her current work focuses on innovative entrepreneurial firms engaged in sustainable business as a strategic and competitive advantage.

She has published in Administrative Science Quarterly, the Journal of Business Venturing, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice and Interfaces. Her work has also appeared in edited volumes on innovation, green chemistry, ethics and entrepreneurship. In 2002, Larson was co-founder of the Ingenuity Project, a program to integrate theory and practice on entrepreneurship/innovation together with sustainable business practices and to encourage their use in management education and companies. Entrepreneurship theory, green chemistry principles, industrial ecology and cradle-to-cradle design are illustrative of the core approaches. Larson speaks in variety of venues on entrepreneurship and sustainability topics and by invitation, provided Congressional testimony on U.S. policy to encourage development of greentech innovations.

She holds a PhD from Harvard University, awarded jointly by the Harvard Business School and the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, focused on economic development and entrepreneurship.


Sustainable Business and Innovation

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