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Dennis T. Yang

Dennis T. Yang, Dale S. Coenen Free Enterprise Professor of Business Administration

  • BA, University of California at Los Angeles; PhD, University of Chicago
Office: FOB 258
Phone: +1-434-924-0906
Email: YangD@darden.virginia.edu

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Dennis Yang is the Dale S. Coenen Free Enterprise Professor of Business Administration. He has taught first-year MBA and GEMBA classes on Global Economies and Markets and is developing an elective course on China and Asia.

Yang’s research focuses primarily on economic development and growth, as well as labor economics, especially in the context of China and economic transition. His work has covered a wide range of topics including: household behavior, education, savings, poverty and famine, long-term growth, China’s population policies, wage structure, and income distribution. He has published in the leading economics journals such as American Economic Review, Journal of Political Economy, Economic Journal, Journal of Economic Perspectives,Journal of Monetary Economics, and Journal of Development Economics. He has also co-edited three books on economic reforms in China and served on the Editorial Boards of several international economics journals.

Yang has held other positions worldwide. He is a senior research fellow at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Peking University, Tsinghua University, and the Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA) in Germany. He is also the President-elect of the Association for Comparative Economic Studies, and holds the Chang Jiang Visiting Professorship at Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China. He has undertaken consulting work for international organizations such as the World Bank and The Conference Board as well as other leading multinational companies.     

A native of China, Yang obtained his undergraduate degree from UCLA and his Ph.D. in economics from the University of Chicago. Before joining Darden in 2012, he served on the economics faculty at Duke University, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, and the Chinese University of Hong Kong.   


Economic Development and Growth
Labor and Demographic Economics
Economics of China and Transition

MBA Courses

FY Global Economies and Markets
GEMBA Global Economies and Markets

Selected Publications

Ge, Suqin and Dennis Yang (forthcoming): “Changes in China’s Wage Structure,” Journal of European Economic Association.

Yang, Dennis and Xiaodong Zhu (2013):  “Modernization of Agriculture and Long-Run Growth,” Journal of Monetary Economics 60 (3): 367-382.

Yang, Dennis (2012): “Aggregate Savings and External Imbalances in China,” Journal of Economic Perspectives 26 (4): 125-146.

Restuccia, Diego, Dennis Yang and Xiaodong Zhu (2008): “Agriculture and Aggregate Productivity: A Quantitative Cross-Country Analysis,” Journal of Monetary Economics 55 (2): 234-250.

Li, Wei and Dennis Yang (2005): “The Great Leap Forward: Anatomy of a Central Planning Disaster,” Journal of Political Economy 113 (4): 840-877.

Yang, Dennis (2004): “Education and Allocative Efficiency: Household Income Growth during Rural Reforms in China,” Journal of Development Economics 74 (1): 137-162.

Yang, Dennis and Mark An (2002): “Human Capital, Entrepreneurship, and Farm Household Earnings,” Journal of Development Economics 68 (1): 65-88.

Lin, Justin and Dennis Yang (2000): “Food Availability, Entitlement and the Chinese Famine of 1959-61," Economic Journal 110 (1): 136-158.

Yang, Dennis (1999): “Urban-Biased Policies and Rising Income Inequality in China,” American Economic Review 89 (May Issue): 306-10.

Yang, Dennis (1997): “Education and Off-Farm Work,” Economic Development and Cultural Change, 45 (3): 613-32.


Working Papers

Ge, Suqin, Dennis Yang and Junsen Zhang (2012): “Population Policies, Demographic Structural Changes, and the Chinese Household Saving Puzzle” IZA Discussion Paper No. 7026.

Sheng, Liugang and Dennis Yang (2011): “Expanding Export Variety: The Role of Institutional Reforms in Developing Countries,” IZA Discussion Paper No. 7611.