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Gal Raz

Gal Raz, Associate Professor of Business Administration

  • BSc, Technion−Israel Institute of Technology; MA, MS, PhD, Stanford University
Office: FOB 299D
Phone: +1-434-924-3920
E-mail: Razg@darden.virginia.edu

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Associate Professor of Business Administration Gal Raz teaches Operations, Supply Chain Management and Global Innovation at Darden. He received his PhD in Business and a Masters degree focusing on public policy from Stanford University. His research centers on supply chain management and sustainable operations, with special focus on pricing, remanufacturing, and government environmental regulations. His research has been published in academic journals such as Management Science and Production and Operations Management (POM). He serves on the editorial board of POM, and as a referee for Management ScienceOperations Research, and Manufacturing and Service Operations Management (M&SOM).

Throughout his career, Professor Raz has been involved in leadership roles in professional organizations. From 2007 to 2009, he served as the president of the Junior Faculty Interest Group (JFIG) at INFORMS and in 2009 received the INFORMS Moving Spirit Service Award for his work with JFIG. In 2010, he was the co-chair of the SCM M&SOM SIG conference in Israel, and in 2012 co-chaired the POMs sustainable operations college mini-conference in Chicago. Professor Raz is the current President of the POMs sustainable operations college, a member of the POMs board, and the VP of Meetings for MSOM. Raz was involved in numerous consulting projects with many companies on topics relating to supply chain management, innovation and sustainable operations in Australia, the United States and Israel. 

Prior to joining the Darden School, he was on the faculty of the Australian Graduate School of Management in Sydney.


Raz, G. and E. Porteus (2006) ― "A Fractiles Perspective to the Joint Price/Quantity Newsvendor Model". – Management Science 52 (11), 1764 – 1777.

Laseter T., A. Ovchinnikov, and G. Raz  (2010) ― "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle…or Rethink ," – Strategy + Business 61, 28 – 32.

Özer, O. and G. Raz (2011) ― "Supply Chain Sourcing Under Asymmetric Information"– Production and Operations Management 20 (1), 92 – 115.

Raz, G. and M. Schlosser (2011) – “Case in Point: How a business can make recycling profitable, as well as noble” – Washington Post.

Raz, G., C. Druehl and V. Blass (2013) – "Design for the Environment – Life Cycle Approach Using a Newsvendor Model" ― Production and Operations Management 22 (4), 940-957

Kraft, T. and G. Raz (2014) - "Case in Point: In Reusable Water Bottle Industry, Dealing with a Possible Toxic Problem" - Washington Post.

Ovchinnikov, A., G. Raz and V. Blass (2013) – "Economic and Environmental Assessment of Remanufacturing Strategies for Product + Service Firms" – Production and Operations Management 23(5), 744-761.

Under Review and Working Papers:

"Economic and Environmental Assessment of Remanufacturing in a Competitive Setting" – with A. Ovchinnikov and V. Blass – Under 2nd round review in Production and Operations Management.  

"Coordinating Pricing and Supply of Public Interest Goods Using Rebates and Subsidies" – with A. Ovchinnikov ― under 2nd round review at IEEE Transactions.
"The Impact of Inventory Risk on Market Prices" – with A. Ovchinnikov – under 2nd round review at European Journal of Operational Research. 

“Competing on Toxicity: The Impact of Supplier Prices and Regulation on Manufacturers' Substance Replacement Strategies”– with T. Kraft. – under review at Management Science.

"The 3Cs of Outsourcing Innovation: Control, Capability, and Cost" - with C. Druehl - in preparation for resubmission to Management Science

"The Effect of Environmental Regulation on DfE Innovation: Assessing Social Cost in Primary and Secondary Markets”– with C. Druehl and V. Blass – In preparation for submission to Manufacturing and Service Operations Management. 



Operations Strategy
Modeling of Operational Issues
Supply Chain Management
Sustainable Operations
Government Environmental Regulations

Global Expertise

Israel – Business, Culture and society, Political System, Arab-Israeli
India/China – Outsourcing Manufacturing and Services

MBA Courses

Full-time MBA, Operations core
Full-time MBA, Supply Chain Management elective
Full-time MBA, Global Innovation and Technology Commercialization elective (Part of Darden GBE to Israel)
Course description and tentative itinerary
Projects with start-up companies
MBA for Executives, Operations Core
MBA for Executives, Supply Chain Management elective
Global MBA for Executives, Operations Core

Executive Education Courses

Business Resource Management Program
Advanced Management Program
National Institute of the Blind

Teaching Materials



  • Passover in Costa Rica, UVA-OM-1372
  • Kulicke and Soffa Industries – Designing a Supply Chain Network – with Yemen G., and Davidson M., UVA-OM-1406
  • Sandvik Coromant Recycling Concept – with Schlosser M., UVA-OM-1407
  • Kulicke and Soffa Industries Inc. in China – Knowledge Transfer (A) – with Yemen G., and Davidson M., UVA-OM-1410  
  • Kulicke and Soffa Industries Inc. in China – Knowledge Transfer (B) – with Yemen G., and Davidson M., UVA-OM-1411 
  •  Kulicke and Soffa Industries Inc. in China – Knowledge Transfer (A) and (B) Abridged – with Yemen G., and Davidson M., UVA-OM-1500
  • Eastman Tritan –with Allison Elias and Tim Kraft, UVA-OM-1494  - Winner of the 2013 INFORMS Annual Case Competition 
  • Picante Mexican Grill: A New Delhi Experience, UVA-OM-1520 – with Gerry Yemen, Elliott Weiss, Raj Venkatesan, and Sam Bodily  

Simulations and Interactive Exercises:

Research in Progress

“The impact of environmental taxes on firms’ environmental innovation” – with C. Druehl and V. Blass. 

“Recycling vs. Refurbishing: Economic and Environmental Impact of Collection Methods for Recyclers and Refurbishers”, joint work A. Ovchinnikov and V. Blass. 

“Multi-Segment Product Line Pricing in a Retail Environment”, joint work A. Ovchinnikov and O. Koenigsberg. 

“Supplier-Buyer Contracting in the Solar-Energy Supply Chain”, joint work with Cheryl T. Druehl. 

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