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James R. Rubin

James R. Rubin, Assistant Professor of Business Administration; Area Coordinator, Management Communication

  • BA, Boston University; MA, PhD, University of Virginia
Office: FOB 298-C
Phone: +1-434-924-4830
E-mail: RubinJ@darden.virginia.edu

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Assistant Professor of Business Administration James R. Rubin is area coordinator of Management Communication at Darden. He teaches management and corporate communication. He has worked as a consultant for communication specialists and has given numerous talks on management and corporate communications.

He has written and supervised many cases on corporate communication as well as articles on corporate brand and crisis communication. Rubin was the first faculty recipient of the Frederick S. Morton Award, which annually recognizes a Darden student for excellence in leadership and the faculty member who contributed the most to that student's Darden experience. Rubin joined the Darden faculty in 1991.

Rubin is affiliated with the Reputation Institute. He is a member of the Arthur Page Society, the Conference on Corporate Communication, the Corporate Branding Initiative based at the Copenhagen Business School and the Association for Business Communication.


Corporate Communications
Management Communications
Media and Business Relations
Organizational Communications Theory

MBA Courses

First Year Management Communication
Corporate Communication