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Tim Kraft

Tim Kraft, Assistant Professor of Business Administration

  • BS, Georgia Institute of Technology; MBA/MS, The University of Texas at Austin; PhD, Stanford University
Office: FOB 134
Phone: 434-924-6788
E-mail: KraftT@darden.virginia.edu

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Tim Kraft is an Assistant Professor of Business Administration at the Darden School of Business, where he teaches operations management within Darden’s MBA and Executive Education programs. Tim’s research is focused on the impact of environmental and social responsibility issues on supply chain and operations management decisions. His recent work examines firms’ and nongovernmental organizations’ (NGOs) decisions when a substance of concern is identified within a product or product line. Prior to joining the Darden faculty, Tim worked for several companies including PricewaterhouseCoopers and RadioShack Corporation.


Kraft T., F. Erhun, R. Carlson, D Rafinejad (2013). "Replacement Decisions for Potentially Hazardous Substances," Production and Operations Management Special Issue on New Product Development, Innovation, and Sustainability, 22(4): 958 - 975.  

Kraft T., Y. Zheng, F. Erhun (2013). "The NGO’s Dilemma: How to Influence Firms to Replace a Potentially Hazardous Substance," Manufacturing and Service Operations Management Special Issue on the Environment, 15(4): 649 - 669.  

Additional Publications

"As NoBull Burger Shows, Determining Capacity Needs is a Key for Growth,” – Washington Post, January 19, 2013.

"In Reusable Water Bottle Industry, Dealing with a Possible Toxic Problem," Washington Post, January 24, 2014. 


Distribution and Logistics
Operations Strategy
Supply Chain Management
Sustainable Operations

MBA Courses

First Year Operations

Case Studies

Hutchison-Krupat, J., T. Kraft, E. Weiss. “Belle, Inc.,” Darden Business Publishing, UVA-OM-1518.

Goldberg, R., T. Kraft, E. Weiss. “Supply Chain Management at Beautiful Bags,” Darden Business Publishing, UVA-OM-1522. 

Osborn, M., E. Tang under the supervision of T. Kraft. “NoBull Burger,” Darden Business Publishing, UVA-OM-1479 and UVA-OM-1479TN. 

Elias, A., T. Kraft, G. Raz. “Eastman Tritan,” Darden Business Publishing, UVA-OM-1494.
    1st place 2013 INFORMS Case Competition

Chung Y., F. Erhun, T. Kraft. “Improving Stanford Blood Center’s Platelet Supply Chain,” The Supply Chain Management Casebook: Comprehensive Coverage and Best Practices in SCM, C. Munson, ed. Financial Times Press (Upper Saddle River, NJ), 39-49.  

Kraft T., Y. Chung, F. Erhun. “KEY Electronics - Sourcing and Warehouse Analysis,” INFORMS Transactions on Education, 12(2): 89-99.
1st place 2010 INFORMS Case Competition

Metz, J. under the supervision of T. Laseter and T. Kraft. "Zappos Customer Loyalty Team: Teaching Note," Darden Business Publishing, UVA-OM-1452TN.

Current Research

Working Papers

Kraft T., G. Raz. "Competing on Toxicity: The Impact of Supplier Prices and Regulation on Manufacturers' Substance Replacement Strategies."

Karaer O., J. Khawam, T. Kraft. "Firm and Nonprofit Levers to Improve Supplier Environmental Performance."

Kraft, T., L. Valdes, Y. Zheng. "Transparency and Indirect Reciprocity in Social Responsibility: An Incentivized Experiment."