Global MBA for Executives

GEMBA China Residency

ChinaThe Term 3 Global MBA for Executives residency is set in China. Seven days are spent in the business center of Shanghai and six days are spent in the governmental and cultural center of Beijing.


During Term 3, the following courses are taught by Darden faculty utilizing this term’s focus on key local and multinational companies for further framing the conduct of global business.

  • Accounting for Managers
  • Global Economies and Markets
  • Global Leadership Explorations
  • Strategic Thinking and Action
  • Operations Management

A typical residency day includes three case method classes (some of which are taught by multiple faculty during a single class session — watch this Darden Team Teaching video to learn more) and learning team meetings in the evening. Throughout the residency, you will also participate in global leadership exploration engagements (examples outlined below) that are closely linked to your coursework.

Residency Highlights

Please note the following activities are a sample of the residency engagements and are subject to change each year.


  • Vice-Chairman of JP Morgan-Chase, based in Hong Kong, will discuss navigating your career, family life and business in Asia.
  • Founder of China Star discusses internationals starting businesses in China.
  • Executive Vice-President of Kone Elevator China speaks about the commercial growth in the Chinese market and the role of foreign companies and investment.
  • Local Chinese business expert speaks on conducting business in China and its historical and current cultural context.
  • Local Beijing attorneys discuss the developing role of law and litigation in business in China.

Company Visits

  • ShanghaiFollowing an Operations and Global Economies and Markets case study on Wal-Mart Asia, students visit a Shanghai Wal-Mart Supercenter.
  • Students visit Baidu, a prominent Chinese language web search engine company.
  • Students participate in a day-long kaizen (quality improvement exercise) at Fluke’s Shanghai Shilu Instrument Co. with an opportunity to apply concepts learned via distance learning in a real-world environment. Students spend a day in the factory and then deliver recommendations to company executives and workers on improvement actions they can take.
  • Students will visit the Hershey plant in China and compare business operations in Asia with operations in the U.S. plant.

Other Engagements

  • Students meet and network with alumni who are attending Darden’s Annual Global Leadership Forum in Shanghai.
  • Following a case study on urbanization, students visit Shanghai’s Urban Planning Exhibition Center, the People’s Park and community organizations to better understand the degree of government influence in commercial, cultural and day-to-day activities.
  • Students visit the Great Wall, Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square as studies in governmental relations to diplomacy, trade and commerce.


Darden GEMBA students on the Great Wall

Accommodations in China

Shanghai: Marriott Shanghai City Centre
Beijing: JW Marriott Central - Beijing

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