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Learning Teams

Darden Learning TeamAn integral part of the Darden case method is student involvement in learning team meetings. At the beginning of the program, you will be assigned to a cross-functional team of five to six students. Learning teams ensure that everyone is prepared to get the most out of class discussions and contribute to a more thorough understanding of the course material than if you were working individually.

GEMBA learning teams are put together based on three things, allowing for the greatest contribution to one another’s learning:

  • Diversity of job function
  • Diversity of industry and/or company
  • Diversity of geography

Learning teams typically meet two to three times each week and nightly during international residencies.

Learning Teams Video

Peter Vanderloo, EMBA Class of 2012 student and AOL's Assistant General Counsel, talks about the role of learning teams in Darden's executive-format MBA programs: 

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