Institute for Business in Society


UptoUs student leaders discuss the cost of health care with Darden students as part of the 2013 Business in Society Conference

IBiS works with other organizations to help business leaders anticipate and address the crises inevitably produced when business and society diverge. We promote an interdisciplinary approach to problem solving, collaborating with scholars and practitioners from an array of methodological backgrounds.

Sustainability at Darden

Darden has well-established sustainability efforts, driven by the vision to be a zero-waste, carbon-neutral enterprise by 2020, and a top 10 business school for teaching and research on sustainability. IBiS engages with the faculty and administration to think about sustainability in terms of "How We Live and How We Learn." This guiding motto means that Darden works to embed sustainability practices into its facility procedures whenever possible while striving to educate current and future business leaders about environmental issues in the classroom. Furthermore, Darden houses the Alliance for Research on Corporate Sustainability (ARCS), a consortium of 14 leading universities that strive to advance rigorous academic research on corporate sustainability issues. Listen to Darden Faculty discuss the sustainability curriculum.

Student Organizations

IBiS works with several student organizations at the Darden School to bring business in society content into the classroom, to plan events, and to host speakers. IBiS sponsors the annual Business in Society Conference, where several student clubs such as Business & Public Policy, Net Impact, Emerging Markets Development, Energy, Education and Health Care convene topical panel discussions about current issues. 

Business Roundtable Institute for Corporate Ethics

The Business Roundtable Institute for Corporate Ethics is an independent entity established in partnership with Business Roundtable—an association of chief executive officers of leading U.S. companies—to renew and enhance the link between ethical behavior and business practice. The Institute brings together leaders from business and academia to fulfill its mission of embedding ethics into the everyday business decision-making and practice of organizations through practitioner-focused research, executive education, and outreach efforts.

Olsson Center for Applied Ethics

An international leader in the field of business ethics, the Olsson Center for Applied Ethics serves as a critical resource for executives, scholars, students and Darden alumni who are faced with the challenges of integrating ethical thinking into business decision-making.

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