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Winners of the Tayloe Murphy Resilience Award with IBiS Academic Director Greg Fairchild and W. Tayloe Murphy, Jr.

Senator Mark Warner speaks about the national debt as part of the Up to Us campaign

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Institute for Business in Society academic directors, affiliated faculty and staff often appear in the media to provide commentary or expertise. Below are a few examples from recent years.


Washington Post | November 1, 2013

Case in Point: Finding the Right Market for a New Product Launch
Assistant Professor Jeremy Hutchinson-Krupat examines how a company like Eastman Chemical should decide which customers and markets to target first when introducing a new product.

Washington Post | October 18, 2013

Case in Point: Working Together to Save the Lives of More Children
Academic Director Mary Margaret Frank and Research Associate Allison Elias discuss the mission-driven alliance between Save the Children and GlaxoSmithKline. | October 11, 2013

Business Is About Innovation, So Why Do We Teach It In The Same Old Way?
Academic Director R. Edward Freeman explains why massive open online learning courses can be a beneficail form of pedagogy.

Richmond Times-Dispatch | September 27, 2013

Focus on Diversity can Drive the Bottom Line, Speaker Says
Academic Director Greg Fairchild speaks about "pockets of opportunities" in finding and solving health disparities among racial and ethnic groups.

CNBC | September 3, 2013

What's Next for Yahoo?
Academic Director R. Edward Freeman discusses how Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has positively changed the company's culture and interaction with customers.

CNBC | September 3, 2013

The Concordia Summit Announces Select Participants in Third Annual Forum
Academic Director Mary Margaret Frank was among those selected to speak at the forum to discuss instrumental role of public-private partnerships.

The Economist | August 24, 2013

A New Toolkit
Work cited by affiliated faculty Frank Warnock and Veronica Warnock on capital flows and interest rates.

CNBC | August 14, 2013

Sorry...But You're Still Fired
Academic Director R. Edward Freeman is interviewed regarding CEO's public firing of employee at AOL.

Agenda: A Financial Times Service | July 29, 2013

Is Legal Tax 'Dodging' Worth the Risk?
Academic Director Mary Margaret Frank is quoted about corporate governance guidelines.

Washington Post | July 26, 2013

Washington Post Case in Point: In Bethlehem, Pa., a Road Map for Detroit
Affiliated faculty Richard Brownlee and June West discuss lessons for Detroit in the closing of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania's steel plants.

BBC Capital | July 16, 2013

When Corporate Cultures Breed Dishonesty
Academic Director R. Edward Freeman provides insight on creating honest, transparent business environments where employees and managers can trust one another. | July 2013

Emerald Announces Winners of 17th Annual Citation of Excellence Awards
Academic Director Mary Margaret Frank and Professor Luann Lynch are awarded a distingished Citation of Excellence from Emerald Group Publishing Limited for their 2009 paper in The Accounting Review.

Roanoke Times | June 26, 2013

UVA Announces Competition for Virginia's Small Businesses
Executive Director Dean Krehmeyer and Academic Director Greg Fairchild are quoted. (France) | June 11, 2013

De l'Importance des Stakeholders et de l'Imagination (in French)
Academic Director R. Edward Freeman is guest of honor at the Institute of Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship at ESSEC outside of Paris.

Azimut UniCredit Bank Magazine (Slovenia) | June 25, 2013 

How Can the Business World Can Immediately Contribute to a More Ethical Society? 
Director Lisa Stewart authored article and participated at the Slovenian conference.

Financial Times | May 26, 2013

MBA Students Learn that All the Business's World's a Stage
Academic Director R. Edward Freeman is quoted about his leadership and theater course.

Bloomberg Businessweek | May 13, 2013

MBA Summer Reading: Darden's Gregory Fairchild
Recommendations for summer reading from Academic Director Greg Fairchild, who teaches the popular "Business Ethics through Literature" course.

Wall Street Journal | April 29, 2013

If You Want to Beat 'Em, Join 'Em
Academic Director Greg Fairchild explains that small businesses can benefit through cooperation with competitors.

Washington Post | April 13, 2013

An Opportunity to Communicate
Professor Richard Brownlee discusses the importance of communication, particularly corporate sustainability reporting, as part of the "Case in Point" series.

Richmond Times Dispatch | March 24, 2013

Time for a New Era of Leadership
Executive Director Dean Krehmeyer explains the need for a new era of leadership in business, government and society.

Chronicle of Higher Education | March 18, 2013

Business Schools' Programs Turn Felons Into Entrepreneurs
Academic Director Greg Fairchild and Dean Robert Bruner on benefits of using prison-entrepreneurship programs in the Virginia penal system.

Washington Post | March 14, 2013

A business model to save the black rhino?
Academic Director R. Edward Freeman and Professor Jared Harris on how a for-profit game reserve might help save the black rhino in the "Case in Point" series. 


Washington Post | December 1, 2012

Marketing the female condom 
Academic Director Mary Margaret Frank on how to create a life-saving product when potential users cannot afford it in the "Case in Point" series.

CNNMoney | October 30, 2012

Top 10 B-school professors in the world 
Academic Director Greg Fairchild selected as one of world's top 10 business school professors.

Washington Post | October 13, 2012

Knowing a business's role in society helps build the brand 
Executive Director Krehmeyer on how business can postively affect society in the "Case in Point" series.

Virginia Business | October 1, 2012

Five Resilience Award winners are named  

Financial Times | September 10, 2012

Tending the local entrepreneur 
Feature on Academic Director Greg Fairchild and the Resilience Awards.

Virginia Business | September 6, 2012

Five Resilience Award Winners Are Named

 Virginia Business | August 24, 2012

11 finalists named for Tayloe Murphy Resilience Awards

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