Institute for Business in Society


IBiS supports the creation and dissemination of leading research, develops cases and teaching materials, designs innovative courses for students and executive leaders, and convenes programs of broad impact. The Institute:

  • Articulates the fundamental forces within industries and across different global regions that govern the business, government and society relationship
  • Prepares students and business leaders to anticipate and address the issues at the increasingly complex intersection of business and society
  • Transforms scholarship and thought leadership into deliverables that better enable business to create value in society.

Understanding Business Models

“Mapping and understanding business models” – Under the faculty leadership of Ed Freeman, the project will analyze and document the multiplicity of models in which businesses create value and apply such insights to describe leading practices for improved relationships among the many stakeholders of business, public policy, regulation and society. Deliverables will include a published book, leading practice report, and research database.

Financial Services Markets

“Society and the financial services marketplace” – Under the faculty leadership of Greg Fairchild, the project will measure a Financial Capability Index (knowledge, resources and networks) of communities to better understand and encourage economic ecosystems that drive economic resilience and growth.

Mission-Driven Management and Leadership

“Mission-Driven Management and Leadership” – Supported by an anonymous gift commitment and led by IBiS Academic Director Mary Margaret Frank, a program of teaching and research to further mission-driven leadership in not-for-profit and other organizational contexts. Framework includes research grants for studies conducted across U.Va. to advance insights and leading practices, dissemination of research through teaching cases, fellowships for selected not-for-profit leaders to attend Darden Executive Education and a biannual international conference.

Executive in Residence

The IBiS Executive in Residence program brings high profile leaders to Darden from the business and government/public policy fields for speaking at the Leadership Speaker Series, leading class sessions and participating with Darden faculty in research initiatives.

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