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Student Engagement

Academic Director Mary Margaret Frank meets with students

Professor Richard Brownlee teaches MBA students

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IBiS engages with student groups across the University of Virginia, at both the graduate and undergraduate levels, to initiate and support events that align with the IBiS mission.  

Graduate Students

IBiS works with several student organizations at the Darden School to plan events and to host speakers that increase awareness and discussion about business in society issues. IBiS sponsors the annual Business in Society Conference, in which several Darden student clubs such as Business & Public Policy, Net Impact, Energy, Education, Emerging Markets Development and Health Care convene topical panel discussions about current issues in their respective fields.

Undergraduate Students

IBiS provided guidance to the University of Virginia's "Up to Us" student team in 2013. The "Up to Us" federal debt awareness campaign is co-sponsored by the Clinton Global Initiative University, the Peter G. Peterson Foundation and Net Impact. For six weeks, undergraduate students at several unversities engaged their campuses and communities in discussions about the nation's long-term debt. The highlight of their campaign was the visit of U.S. Senator Mark Warner to speak about the importance of reducing the national debt. Academic Director Mary Margaret Frank led a discussion about health care and tax policy with the students. The U.Va. team won first place and was recognized by President Clinton on 6 April 2013.

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