First Year Sections

Darden Cup Competition WinnerBecause the case method emphasizes the importance of learning from diverse perspectives, sections are an important component of the academic environment at the Darden School of Business.

Each of the five First Year sections is comprised of 60 to 65 students and is designed to represent the demographic and professional diversity of the entering class. Each section shares a common set of faculty, and sections are typically reassigned half way through the year, allowing students to benefit from the perspectives of different classmates for the remainder of the year.

The Darden Cup

For Darden students, sections also provide ample opportunity to quickly develop lasting connections with their peers. Section spirit is rampant at Darden, and sections compete in a yearlong series of events known as the Darden Cup. Past events have included a canned food drive, a variety of sporting events (football, cycling, 5K, bowling and more), trivia at First Coffee, sustainability-related challenges and an auction for the Shelter for Help in Emergency.

Student Views on Sections & the Darden Cup

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