Career Switchers

Over 70% of Darden students come to business school planning to switch career paths — either changing job functions, industries or both. Darden is an excellent MBA program for career switchers because our approach is to help you enhance your career by leveraging not just your past experiences, but also your transferable skills and leadership potential.

Resources for Career Switchers

The following resources are particularly helpful to career switchers:

  • Career Discovery Forums and Industry Panels – These events are designed to provide First Year students with an opportunity to learn more about MBA careers in consulting, entrepreneurship, finance, general management and operations, marketing, and mission-driven careers. Through knowledgeable speakers and informative panel discussions, these forums will aid you in your exploration of different career paths.
  • Career Advisors – Darden’s industry-experienced career advisors coach students in the job search process. Career Advisors specialize in functional and industry areas and have extensive corporate experience to draw upon. Students work with career advisors in over 50 career education workshops and in individual sessions throughout the year on tactics for an effective job search.
  • Second Year Student Career Coaches – In addition to a functionally-aligned career advisor, students are also assigned to a Second Year student career coach, who recently went through the internship job search process. Career coaches advise students throughout their first year at Darden.
  • Batten Venture Internship Program (BVIP) – The BVIP program provides Darden students the opportunity to pursue summer internships with venture capital firms or start-ups around the country and the world. BVIPs are an excellent way for students to gain experience in a new industry and job function prior to entering the full-time job search process.

Video: Ready to Switch Careers

Watch the following video of Stephanie Horvath (MBA '11) who talks about the variety of ways that Darden got her ready to switch careers from journalism to brand management:

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