Career Resources for Darden MBAs

Darden's Career Development Center offers a wide variety of career resources to help students find summer internships and full-time job offers and to develop lifelong career management skills:

Individual Attention

Career Advisors

All Darden students receive one-on-one counseling from an industry-experienced career advisor in the strategies and mechanics of the job search process. Career advisors focus on functional (consulting, entrepreneurship, finance, marketing and general management) and industry areas and have extensive corporate experience to draw upon. Students work with career advisors in group career education workshops and individual counseling sessions throughout their two years at Darden.

Second Year Coaches

In addition to working with an experienced career advisor, First Year students are also matched with a Second Year Coach, a peer with experience in the internship search process of their preferred industry or job function. Second Year Coaches advise new students throughout their first year at Darden.


Career Discovery Forums and Industry Panels 

Early in the first year, students have an opportunity to learn about MBA careers in consulting, entrepreneurship, finance, general management and operations, marketing, and mission-driven careers. Through knowledgeable speakers and panel discussions, these forums will aid you in your exploration of different career paths.

Career Leader

Darden students have access to Career Leader at a reduced rate. Career Leader is a self-assessment tool that maps you to potential MBA career paths based on your interests, motivators and skills. 

Skills Development

Career Education

Darden is one of the few top business schools to integrate career education into the curriculum. Our unique approach is rooted in deep involvement and input from students, delivering an integrated, relevant slate of workshops and resources. A core curriculum is required for all students in the job search process and provides the foundation for building effective job search skills. Additionally, you may select from over 50 elective workshops to customize your education to your needs and interests.

Résumé and Cover Letter Workshops

The Career Development Center and various Darden student clubs host a series of résumé and cover letter workshops to help students prepare professional, MBA-caliber résumés and cover letters.

Mock Interviews

Career advisors and Second Year career coaches are available to conduct mock interviews with students to help replicate a real interview situation and provide feedback to help students improve their interview performance.

An additional tool used at Darden for interview feedback is InterviewStream. InterviewStream offers an online video based practice interviewing system specifically created for campus career centers and is used at many top MBA schools. Students receive feedback on non-verbal behavior and communication missteps. It is also a helpful tool for objective career consultant and Second Year coach assessments.

Online Resources

Darden provides a variety of online resources to help students develop lifelong career management skills. Our Career Development Portal houses an impressive repository of valuable resources and information on all aspects of the career education process.

Recruiting & Networking Opportunities 

Job Postings/Opportunities

Over 100 companies travel to Charlottesville, Virginia each year to recruit Darden students. Job and internship opportunities are posted online prior to their visit, and Darden students can apply and potentially interview for the positions while the companies are on-Grounds. In addition to the companies that travel to Charlottesville, hundreds more post opportunities on our exclusive job board. In total, approximately 700 opportunities are posted each year.

Company Networking Nights

The Career Development Center organizes several Networking Nights each year. During Networking Nights company representatives meet with students to discuss available opportunities and share insights and experiences.

Career Clubs

The career-focused student clubs host over 90 networking events, conferences, and other important recruiting activities throughout the year.

Company Briefings

Darden hosts approximately 100 company briefings each year. Company briefings give companies a chance to create a brand image, communicate a company's culture, market job opportunities and network with students. Companies also schedule additional brand-building opportunities in conjunction with a company briefing.

Career Fairs and Interview Forums

Darden students attend numerous career fairs and interview forums around the country. The biggest MBA Career Fairs take place in the fall and are great opportunities to connect with companies that may not recruit on-Grounds at Darden.

Job Treks

Each year, students work with the Career Development Center to plan job treks in locations around the country and abroad. Job treks are a way for Darden students interested in a specific industry to visit and network with companies that are not able to travel to Darden for on-Grounds recruiting.

Job trek visits typically occur during Darden School breaks (i.e., mid-December or early January). The largest job trek each year is the "Week on Wall Street," which is scheduled in mid-December in New York City.

Alumni Network

Rated as one of the strongest MBA alumni networks by Poets & Quants (2011), our graduates are an integral part of the Darden community. They understand and appreciate the value of the Darden MBA and are known for being highly accessible to current students and fellow alumni in the job search process. In addition to Darden's network of over 14,000 alumni around the world in 90 countries, you can also connect with more than 23,000 University of Virginia alumni who have volunteered to serve as a career resource.  

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