International Student Career Development

Darden’s Career Development Center is committed to helping international students identify, pursue and secure positions that meet their career goals. Darden offers one-on-one career counseling from a functionally aligned career advisor, as well from Denise Karaoli, assistant director of international programs and opportunities. International students also find Darden’s Career Management curriculumSecond Year Coaches program and mock interview opportunities particularly helpful.

Learn more about career development resources and how Darden helps international students prepare for their post-MBA careers by watching the following videos:

Career Development for International MBA Students

Hongwu Wang (MBA '14) discusses how Second Year Coaches and the Darden community help First Year students prepare for interviews during recruitment: 


How Darden Prepares Students for a Global Career

Michelle de Arruda (MBA '13) describes how Darden's case study method and diverse student community prepare students for a global career. 


How Darden Gets International MBA Students Ready to Work in the U.S.

John Mwangi (MBA '11) talks about how Darden's case study method, career services and tight-knit community get international students ready to work in the U.S. market.

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