Brazil: Global Business Experience

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"Doing Business in Brazil: an International Consulting Experience"

Brazil School

What will students gain from this program?

Students will spend time in Brazil being oriented to the Brazilian economy and business climate and then working in teams on consulting projects. Bahia is a hub for the petrochemical and construction industries and also actively involved in preparing to help host the 2014 World Cup. Partnering with local MBA students on short-term consulting engagements around a specific challenge or opportunity for a firm in Bahia, participants will have the opportunity to explore the Brazilian business world and the nature of international consulting.

Academic Program Overview

As the world’s sixth largest economy, Brazil deserves the attention it receives. Amongst the five BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), only China can claim a larger GDP and Russia a larger GDP per capita. And as the seventh largest automobile manufacturer, the third largest civil aircraft manufacturer and the first largest ethanol, coffee and soybean producer in the world, Brazil is indeed an economic powerhouse.

Darden students will spend their time in Salvador, Brazil’s “capital of happiness.” Well known for its countless popular outdoor street parties, Salvador is the true home of the samba, a recognized World Heritage Site with colonial architecture dating from the 17th through 19th centuries, and the epicenter of Afro-Brazilian culture. It is also the center of business in Bahia state and the Brazil’s Northeast regions and the home of Universidade Federal da Bahia (UFBA), our partner school.

Students will spend time in Salvador working with clients selected by Darden's EAUFBA partners in a variety of industries. Last year’s projects included businesses working in agriculture, energy production, multi-media, and international sports (The World Cup). Darden will likely return to a few of these clients and work with one or more new clients as well.

Faculty Lead

Marc Modica


Arrive: 7 March, 2014     Depart: 15 March, 2014

Host Institution

School of Management, Universidade Federal da Bahia (EAUFBA)

What have students said about the program?

"Great University. Very impressed with the quality, professionalism and dignity of everyone at the University. Project was meaningful and engaging. Would have liked to stay longer if I could."

"Great program. Well organized yet flexible. My consulting project was awesome and I learned so much."

"The client list for the Brazil GBE was incredible, and the organization was great."

"The GBE was an excellent experience. The clients were top-notch, and the leadership and external groups involved provided sound guidance and set the foundation for an amazing global immersion experience."

What did the companies say about the work Darden students completed for them?

"Mature and professional students, a pleasure to work with."

"Insightful comments and recommendations, caused us to think new thoughts."

"Provided new ideas and new ways of approaching our work, we really appreciated their work."

"Very good results; presentation was excellent — both in content and their leadership of the presentation itself."

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