Turkey: Global Business Experience

"Where East Meets West: The Business of Growth in Turkey"


What will students gain from this program?

  • Insight from senior Turkish business leaders on how to lead a firm and think strategically in a context of rapid growth and potential turmoil.
  • Perspective on the unique challenges framed in an Islamic democracy from a variety of industries from infrastructure, finance, consumer facing brands and global organizations.
  • Deeper understanding of how Eastern and Western cultures can do business together and how these cultures blend in Turkey’s business community.

Academic Program Overview

Turkey has the 15th largest GDP in the world and Turkey could be the 2nd or 3rd largest economy in Europe by 2020 according to the OECD. With a predominately young and growing population, a geographic location straddling Europe, Asia and the Middle East, and aspirations to be a regional and global business hub, Turkey presents a unique perspective on the complexity of economic and cultural issues and the challenges of a rapidly growing economy.

The GBE will explore Turkey's economy and key industries, the ongoing impact of the Arab Spring, the resulting democratization and opening of economies in the region, regional economic development, questions of civil society, and the role that business is playing in these growing markets.

Company visits will include meetings with senior leaders of major Turkish and multinational companies in the financial services, construction, retail, textile and other major sectors, as well as NGOs and other organizations involved in business and economic growth.

Faculty Leader

R. Marc Johnson, Executive Director, Darden Center for Global Initiatives


Arrive: 8 March 2014    Depart: 15 March 2014

Host Institution

Boğaziçi University

What have past students said about this GBE?

"The Turkey GBE was one of my best experiences at Darden. I was able to expand my knowledge about business globally by understanding how important culture plays within the business community. Turkey's capitalistic environment is different from that of the US because its cultural nature of negotiating on everything is what has sculpted its business community to what it is today. Furthermore, I may add that the cultural experiences and interactions with my Darden peers in another country was an unforgettable experience."

"It was a great experience for me to learn about Turkey - a cultural-rich and exciting country with many business opportunities. We had a great time with the fun Darden team and got to know many exciting new people from FY, SY to EMBA, alumni."

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